#12560 Style like (Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001)


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Si usted quiere cambiar el color de la correa, correas y flor tridimensional del vestido, por favor déjenos un masaje cuando usted pone la orden.

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Tulle with Embroidery and Beading with Sweep Train with Matching Stole and Corset Back


Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001

Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001

Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001

Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001

Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001

Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001

Mori Lee Sweet 16 Vizcaya by Mori Lee 89001



Five Stars

Love the dress


Gorgeous, stunning, Beautiful Royal Blue Dress

I bought this dress for my niece. It was so pretty, lovilier than expected. The beading was shinny and the dress was very well made. The material is soft and fits perfectly. The back of the dress flows almost like a train but she loved the style and does not intend to get it hemmed. The beading/sparkle around the waist is perfect to add the finishing touch.I can't say enough good about the company. I had to take it out of town to give it to her and I was worried it would not get to me in time. I emailed them and told them, they assured me they would expedite the dress, which they did.



I have been looking and dreaming of a dress like this for years!My criteria;-Black-Long sleeves-Past the knee in length-Fits my CURVES without being too tight/too loose in certain places (breasts/stomach/hips).(I am 5'3",135lbs. DD38,29,38).I ordered Size 12 (US).-Material that isn't too thin (so can be worn in fall/winter) or too heavy (can also be worn in spring/summer).THIS IS MY DREAM DRESS!!This dress fits me like it was made for me!Form fitting, without being too tight.The material has a bit of stretch to it and "hugs" my curves. Just what I wanted!The mandarin collar is perfect (because I don't like full collars). The keyhole opening, which does end at the top of the breasts, can be left as is (for the ladies who are comfortable showing cleavage) or for those wanting more coverage, just wear a camisole underneath.The clasp which holds the keyhole closed, is just below the collar. It looks gold in the picture, but on MY dress, is actually SILVER.(I actually am thankful for that, as I do not like gold). The clasp suits the dress, but you can either change it completely (if you sew or have a seamstress), or use a safety pin from behind the clasp, to close the opening further, (maybe so the clasp doesn't show?).There are two slits at the lower back of the dress, which to me, adds to a rather "retro" look, which I love!**A note of caution; When I removed the dress (over my head, same way I put it on), I actually tore the material a tiny bit, just below the zipper, which is on the side of the dress, which I hadn't noticed was there when I put it on! (No worries, just a couple of hand stiches will close it).So keep in mind, USE THE ZIPPER, before you put on the dress, zip it closed and then again, zip it open before you take off the dress!Also, this dress does have "lines" throughout.(Look at the Red & Blue colors, to see what I'm referring to). But on the black dress, they don't stand out. Rather, they add to the "fit" of it (in my opinion).I look forward to wearing my DREAM DRESS in the future!*Thank you "Glamour Empire" as well, for the SPEEDY SHIPPING! From UK to Canada, arrived one day BEFORE the beginning of estimated shipping time! I look forward to ordering from you again!UPDATE: Dec.15-Wore my dress to my husbands employer Christmas party today. Not only did my husband compliment me on how great I looked in this dress, but I also received several compliments from other people as well! LOVE THIS DRESS!!

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