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Mary's : Quinceanera Beloving 4090

Mary's : Quinceanera Beloving 4090

Mary's : Quinceanera Beloving 4090



Love it

My daughter loves the dress! Nice length which is hard to find of my tall daughters!


Love, love, love this dress!

I love this dress! I purchased a small size and it fit perfectly. I am 5ft tall and weigh about 115 lbs. The length was great about 1 or 2 inch above knees which I like as I didn't want it too short. It fit great on my bust too - I am somewhere between an a and b cup size. Hope this helps.


Five Stars

Beautiful addition to my summer wardrobe!


Best Most Versatile Addition to Any Woman's Wardrobe!

I purchased the Maxi from Hipknoties website on sale & then this Midi from polygown.com. I couldn't be happier with this product. I'm about to go backpacking for 6-8 months and feel secure knowing that I've now got all my nice outfits covered with these clever pieces of fabric. I can't break this down into pros and cons because I love it so much & it only has a few small limitations. Compared to other travel dresses I researched, this one is definately the most versatile.The fabric is SO flattering, expecially if you've always had a soft spot in your heart for the Grecian style looks. It looks flowy, graceful, and classy no matter how you style it. It's the plastic bands, which are said to be impossible to break, that allow you to do the styling. You are given 5 and this is more than enough to complete the looks, most of which only take 2 - 3 bands. I love that I can wear it tight to show off my figure or on days when I'm not feeling as confident I can hide my insecurities easily. It's softness is mmmmmm.... perfect. So it looks, functions, and feels great just throwing it on your shoulders on the way out the door to add some elegance.I highly recommend going onto the Hipknoties website and watching some videos before you purchase to reasure yourself this is what you want. I know all I could do was stare, with mouth open, as the owner and founder of Hipknoties flashed through outfit after outfit in moments. There's great info on what the 3 different sizes are capable of too.The only thing I want to forwarn you about is that the fabric is a little thin, so I recommend getting a slip or long camisole to wear underneath it if you are planning to style it as a dress. Even in the photos on the Hipknoties website you can see the women's bras through the fabric & I saw a mildly horrifying one where the model was looking all elegant coming out to the airport, however you could clearly see straight through her dress and all the outlines of her legs and curves because of the sun shining through. It's definately the kind of fabric that a pantyline would stick out like a sore thumb in without appropriate counter measures being taken. But as long as you take precautions and layer it with the proper undergarments, it's beyond wonderful.I can't recommend this product enough! VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. :)

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