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Wenn Sie die Farbe der Gürtel, Riemen und dreidimensionale Blumen des Kleides ändern möchten, lassen Sie uns eine Massage bitte, wenn Sie die Bestellung aufgeben.

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Alyce Prom 6091

Alyce Prom 6091



Cute Peter pan collar shirt!

Although this says its a dress, it fits more like a top, unless pure 5'4 and under, this won't be a dress. It is a super nice flowy shirt that will be perfect for winter as its a thicker material but still soft stretchy, and comfortable. There are no lose threads, and as far as the collar goes, it is big enough to put your head through and slightly stretchy. It won't choke you. I'm 5'8 and big chested and purchased this in the biggest size.



I got lots of compliments on this dress, I am 5"4 curvy and the dress came about 1 inch or 2 above the knee. I got lots of compliments on this dress. It is made well with good material.


This is an amazing dress! I feel like it was made for ...

This is an amazing dress! I feel like it was made for me. My only complaint is that it came with a small blotch on it when it arrived . . . I just didn't feel like dealing with the inconvenience of sending it back and waiting for another one. The belt hides the blotched spot just fine.


Elegant & beautiful dress! Excellent customer service!

The dress is beautiful & has a lot of detailed work on it. It looks expensive & elegant. They customized the dress according to my measurements & it fits me pecfectly. The dress arrived on time and in perfect condition. The customer service department from this company is outstanding & courteous. I recommend this dress 100%.


Fashionable pull on dress that makes look gorgeous simple and ea

Fashionable pull on dress that makes look gorgeous simple and easy. It fits great on my bust line my girls stay in place and they do not feel squished or squeezed, from there it is cascading down my tall lengthy frame. Being a tall girl is not fun I can never find a dress that fits me length wise this one is perfect. I do not feel like it is too short or I’m preparing for a flood.

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