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Wenn Sie die Farbe der Gürtel, Riemen und dreidimensionale Blumen des Kleides ändern möchten, lassen Sie uns eine Massage bitte, wenn Sie die Bestellung aufgeben.

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Fitted trumpet gown with spaghetti straps and ruched body. Layers of ruffles in the bust and skirt.


Alyce Black Label 5353

Alyce Black Label 5353

Alyce Black Label 5353

Alyce Black Label 5353



MAGIC DRESS: It will turn a body shaped like a chimpanzee into t

Runs a little on the larger size: comparisons below!Overall: great quality dress! The pleating is absolutely beautiful and the overall assembly of the dress gave me a noticeable "waist" which is amazing considering I am shaped like an inverted triangle If you naturally have a nice waist- watch out--you're probably going to cause some car crashes, your waist will rival any 1940's pin-up girl!This is a great dress for any occasion: work/ night out /event...it's so flattering and beautifully made, I made my friend buy one.For all of the "hard to fit" ladies out there:I am 5'3"; with a long torso, short legs, wide shoulders, large bust....yeah...I'm built like a chimpanzee!Sizing Chart compared to my measurements Vince Camuto size 12 vs. J.HarrisonBust: 38.5" 42 1/2" (36DD/E).Waist 31" 34.5"Hi-Hip 38" 37.0"Normal Hip ? 39.0"Size 12 dress: Even though my measurements are supposedly "larger" it fits like a dream and has more than enough room!- Bust fits perfectly, with and without a bra (36 DD/E). I do not think my bust would be able to fit in any size smaller than a 12.- Waist fits great as well (34 1/2"), I have more than enough room to zip the dress, breathe, move freely, bend over. I'm pretty sure the size 10 would have would have afforded me this "privilege" as well.- Hips have a lot of room naturally (pleating). Due to the pleating--if you are on the "hip-ier" side I would recommend not looking at the hip measurements when finding your size because they will fit, trust me. My friends hips measure at 44" and I told her to "ignore" the measurement and buy her bust/waist size for the dress. She went with the size 8--and she said that dress fits like a glove! However- if you are narrow in the hips, like myself, the hips will be large but due to the pleating- it's not terrible. Thankfully, the dress has side seams so if you feel the need to alter- I think it could be done relatively easily and inexpensively.- Shoulders, wide shoulder girls, here's your dress! I have "Incredible Hulk-ed" out of so many button up shirts it's not even funny. You can actually hug someone in this dress and not worry about ripping out the zipper. Additionally, the cut of the shoulder is flattering on any body type, but it's especially exciting for wide shoulder gals-----we look like petite, professional figure skaters in this dress!- Length, definitely work appropriate + date/night out, event worthy as well. The dress measures 38 1/2" long from top of shoulder to bottom of hemline. At 5'3 with shorter legs, the dress hits me mid-knee (the worst), so the only alteration I will be making is to shorten the hemline.I hope that helps, feel free to ask any questions!J


Five Stars

Very nice dress, fits as expected


Five Stars

Perfect dress for my daughter for her 16th birthday party


Five Stars

Very beautiful n sexy

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