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Silky Chiffon dress with natural waistline. Sweetheart neckline with multicolored crystal stones beading waistband and pleated bodice.


B'Dazzle by Alyce Paris 35580

B'Dazzle by Alyce Paris 35580

B'Dazzle by Alyce Paris 35580



Very Thin and cheaply made, but still really cute

I can wear this to work with a cute blazer, on a date with the man, with my girls and some ballet flats... its cheaply made and feels like if I'm not careful with wash and wear it will fall apart - but its really cute! Worth the little bit of money it costs.


Absolutely Stunning.

My daughter was planning her wedding and came across Ants Bridal and found the dress and had told me bout it so I as her father ordered it for her. After the order I received response of confirmation and a request of specific measurements and this is where I thought oh boy this is being done online and not a physical seamstress and what about the cost for alteration . Well I replied with the info and waited a day or two and brought up the question of the extra cost and to my surprise it was included. I was overjoyed because not only this but the overall value and not to mention I have 2 other of my 6 daughters getting married this year LOL. Anyway the dress was ordered expedited and it came several days earlier which was another great surprise and my daughter absolutely loved it and it fit perfectly which was the part I was worried about. She was married on June 27th 2015 and she and the dress looked absolutely amazing. So would I buy from Ants Bridal again you may ask and the answer is yes absolutely and so I did. After my daughter showed me her dress I was so impressed by it that I ordered another. To make a long story short this one was for my wife as a surprise because we never had a formal wedding and she has always wanted to have a wedding dress and to have pictures done of her and I for memories. So anyways the ordering process and response was the same and again received the dress earlier than expected and I had my wife put it on for purposes of obvious reasons to be sure it would fit as expected and again without fail it fit perfectly and might I add she looked stunning. Both of these dresses were absolutely beautiful and I say JOB WELL DONE to the staff at Ants Bridal and they were so helpful and friendly. As I said I have 2 other daughters getting married later this year (oh boy) and guess where they will order their dresses? You guessed it as these were of amazing value and craftsmanship,Thank you again Ants Bridal for being a part of the most important events in our lives.


Five Stars

This dress is perfect for any little black dress occasion.


Five Stars

My daughter looks lovely in this dress.


I'm extremely happy with this dress

I'm extremely happy with this dress! I ordered it and and it came on time. I also had so many compliments on how great it looked! Will be buying more dresses for sure!!


Perfect fit

I'm glad I didn't get it any smaller or larger.

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