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Farbe:Das gleiche wie erste Bild Farb Hilfe

Wenn Sie die Farbe der Gürtel, Riemen und dreidimensionale Blumen des Kleides ändern möchten, lassen Sie uns eine Massage bitte, wenn Sie die Bestellung aufgeben.

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EU 46
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US 14W
EU 44
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US 16W
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US 18W
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Beaded Mesh Neckline Dress


Aidan Mattox 435650

Aidan Mattox 435650



Five Stars

Love this dress very Sexy with a blazer. .I received a lot of compliments. ..


Five Stars

great dress. looks expensive!


perfect vinyl dress

This was exactly what I was looking for. My only real complaint is that there's not really any good way to tell which side's the front, and neither really properly accommodates my 40D boobs without leaving a weird side top arm gap, but that's an issue I have frequently with similar things. Either way, it's made out of good vinyl, and its nice and loud and sticky, just as you'd expect. The 3x fits me like a glove, and I'm clearly on the top end of what it's designed to cover (especially in the hips of the dress) at 45"-38"-53".


Five Stars

My wife looked great in it!


Five Stars

Really nice dress and jacket.


Five Stars

This dress is beautiful love it!!! It came super fast!!!


Love Love.

OMG I love this dress if fits just right getting ready to buy more.

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